Video 1: "Unity 3d FPS survival game project"Edit

thumb|300px|left|The first video ever released for Elite Squad.This is the first video ever released for Elite Squad. This was posted by the user leonardotry. This video was never really meant to be Elite Squad. This video was for a survival type game with zombies, weapons like the FAMAS (as shown in the thumbnail), ACR (seen in later videos), bombing runs (also seen in other videos), and more. Currently, none of these things have been passed from that game to Elite Squad.

In contrary though, in the videos description it says "It´s only a project of a multiplayer game"

Video 2: "Unity 3d game project UPDATES! 12/27/2010"Edit

thumb|left|300px|This is the second video released, showing new weapons and more.This video released on December 27th, 2010, did not have any major new things added in. Some of the most notable things though are:

  • M4 Carbine
  • ACOG scope
  • 4x sniper scope

Video 3: "Unity 3D game project updates! 1/6/2011"Edit

thumb|300px|left|This is the first video to show many major changes.In the third video released, we are shown some more notable updates like (some quoted from the video):

  • A new gun, the SV98
  • An updated M4 Carbine
  • A more updated map
  • Sounds have improved
  • The ability to change weapons
  • Blood has been added to the enemies when killed

Some things to note would be that the SV98 in the video is so far the only weapon that is known to be in Elite Squad; in Elite Squad though, there is a better model and the ability to ready your sniper rifle while aiming down the sights has been removed. Also, at this point, the ability to have a weapon not phase through an object has not been dealt with.

Video 4: "Unity 3d FPS game UPDATES (First Multiplayer Test)"Edit

thumb|300px|left|This is the first video to show actual multiplayer capabilities.This video (as told in the title) is the first video to show the ability to have multiplayer. Along with the addition of multiplayer, the video also featured:

  • New character models (along with hand models)
  • All weapons were textured
  • A buy ammo/weapon inventory
  • Bombing gameplay (with friendly indicators)
  • Firing modes
  • Grenades, although they do not have a throw animation
  • A death screen (ragdoll camera)

When running the multiplayer, since it was shown on the same computer, the characters both aimed at the same location of the screen, however, only one fully moved. Also, at the time, there was no walking animation as shown during the multiplayer portion.