1Q: Has the game been released yet?/Give me the link!

1A: No, nothing has been released yet.

2Q: Who made the game?

2A: The game is being made by two people; a Brazillian and an Australian.

3Q: How much will the game be?

3A: It will be a free-to-play game, but it may become possible to donate.

3bQ: How big will the filesize be?

3bA: The pre-alpha was estimated to be around 200Mb

4Q: What programs are they using?

4A: Unity 3D Pro for the game engine, and Maya, ZBrush and Topogun for modelling.

5Q: Will they do a tutorial?

5A: They've said that they might do a tutorial once they have released the Alpha.

6Q: Can I play the Alpha?

6A: When it comes out, anyone will be able to test the game.

7Q: So when will it be released? They said it would be released soon!

7A: We don't know. Stop pestering the makers, as this only makes the progress slower and worse.

8Q: When will the next update be?

8A: We are only notified of update videos a few days before they are released.

9Q: Can you release an update video now?

9A: To make an update video with a good amount of substance, there needs to be a lot of additions and improvements, e.g. new guns, textures, animations. These take some time to do, so please be patient!

10Q: Can I be part of the team?

10A: No. Actually, since ScoutDB left they would like any input currently.

11Q: Will they use this model/map/graphic?

11A: No. If it's good enough, they could.

12Q: Will they use these guns that I only know from Call of Duty?

12A: They haven't taken gun ideas, especially the ones from Call of Duty. Please stop asking them to use guns from Call of Duty.

13Q: Have you heard about DrunkenLizardGames?

13A: Yes. Don't talk about them here.

14Q: Why is this person meowing at me?

14A: Meow.