Note: as of the modeler leaving, almost everything on this wiki is obselete. It will stay up like an archive, but will be changed when sufficient information has been released about the game.Edit



The logo for Elite Squad.

Elite Squad is a new and upcoming First Person Shooter that was made by a Brazillian and an Australian, known as Leonardo and Scoutdb respectively; however, ScoutDB left. Elite Squad will be released as a stand-alone for PC and Macintosh. The game is created using Unity3D (Pro), Autodesk Maya, zBrush, Autodesk 3DS Max, and Topogun. The game is only going to be a multiplayer game with many weapons, attachments, and modes.

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Developers of Elite SquadEdit

Leonardo is the project manager, animator and programmer of Elite Squad, and he operated the YouTube channel Leonardotry. The only other known information is that he is Brazillian.

Scoutdb made the models and textured them but left for an unknown reason, taking them all with him.

A model vector made by Raynox was shown on the Elite Squad FaceBook page.

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Latest VideoEdit

Unity 3D Elite Squad Update 17

Unity 3D Elite Squad Update 17